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Ipswich Vision

We all think Ipswich has the potential to be a very special kind of place, but sometimes perceptions of the town are not what they should be. Visitors to the town continue to be surprised by its combined offer and, most of all, its potential.

The Ipswich Vision is a partnership of key Ipswich stakeholders who have agreed to deliver a single Vision to create the successful county town centre that Ipswich and Suffolk expect and deserve through supporting:

  • Regeneration
  • Better transport
  • Better shopping
  • Improvements to public spaces and buildings

The priorities for Ipswich, 2019 onwards are:

  • To develop a strategy for the improvement of all the main arterial routes/gateways into the town centre and the link, via Fore Street, between the Town Centre and the Waterfront.

  • To propose improvements to the Star Lane gyratory system (e.g. improving the setting of Wolsey Gate).

  • Determine the approach to the future use of Carr Street and the western end of Westgate Street.

  • To be ready to apply for City Status as and when opportunities arise.

  • To complete the Princes Street office corridor redevelopment (incorporating a new multi-storey car park and new buildings on Princes Street).
  • To complete the Ipswich Museum Project.

  • To develop an annual programme of events/promotions on the Cornhill.

  • To complete the full St Peter’s Dock redevelopment (public realm and buildings).

  • To deliver at least £3m of further improvements to the public realm (after the Cornhill and St Peter’s Dock schemes).

  • To secure Government commitment to an Ipswich ‘northern bypass’.
  • To improve the town’s park and ride network.

  • To deliver an illumination scheme for further key buildings and bring forward innovative lighting and sound projects.

  • To agree and implement an Inward Investment (targeting and marketing) strategy for businesses and consumers.

  • Resolve the future use and re-open the Old Post Office (i.e. the most important vacant building in the core of the town centre).

  • To support the comprehensive regeneration of the Waterfront Island site incorporating provision of a circular route, and walking routes between the train station and the waterfront.
  • To start development of new houses (and/or large apartments) on 3 new major town centre sites.

  • Support the introduction of more evening/cultural uses of buildings/space on or adjacent to the Cornhill / Westgate Street / Tavern Street / Carr Street / Buttermarket

The previous list of priorities can be found here.

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