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About Us

The Connected Town Area

Ipswich Central operates within the 'Connected Town' area; an area that brings together business, culture, sports, faith, arts, education, health and community.

The Connected Town area is inspired by the internationally-recognised '15-minute city' concept, which looks to reshape places so that everything needed in modern life is available within a 15-minute walking distance. The "15-minute" Connected Town area in Ipswich extends from Christchurch Park in the north to the Waterfront in the south, the University of Suffolk in the east to Portman Road in the west.

Our ambition is the Connected Town Area to better unite businesses, organisations and residents; to create a thriving and engaging town centre in which people and communities can thrive.

In the Connected Town area, businesses will be able to more easily engage with their surroundings and the full range of organisations occupying premises in the town centre. It will banish the tendency to look inwardly and allow us all to think beyond artificial boundaries and acquire a wider community focus.

Read more about the Connected Town in our 2022-2027 Plan.

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