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Cornhill Square

The redevelopment of the Cornhill square in 2018, was another major step towards the regeneration of Ipswich town centre.

The project was a major priority for the Ipswich Vision Group, and the message was clear: “We have listened to the public and our designs reflect those opinions.” The new plans were drawn up after a widespread consultation showed a majority of people and businesses wanted to see Ipswich’s town centre square improved.

Paul Clement, Chief Executive of Ipswich Central said at the time of the consultation: “Ipswich Central pushed the Ipswich Vision centre stage in 2015 to drive the town forward with all partners working towards the same goal. The Cornhill is the heart of the town centre and is a key part of the visitor experience in Ipswich and therefore a key part of the Vision. It is really important that our town centre continues to evolve in line with the needs of consumers and these plans help achieve this. The new Cornhill designs are sympathetic to the historic setting, whilst creating a public realm space fit for future needs. They are a testament to the architects who have responded superbly to the local concerns and requirements for the space going forward.”

Some details were met with opposition, so further plans were drawn up and the refurbished square was open to the public on October 2018. Since then, a range of activities and events have taken place on the square including a summer film screening, free music festivals, retro-gaming events and monthly farmer's markets. A three year plan was originally co-funded by Ipswich Central and Ipswich Borough Council which enabled an award of money from New Anglia Leading Enterprise Partnership under their Innovative Projects Fund.

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