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"Wow the street looks so much nicer!"

By Melissa and Jack Being new to the Ipswich Central Team, we had our first taste of the street clean-up scheme #itsmystreet on Friday 26th May; tidying-up Lower Brook Street where our office is. We walk down this street every day and it wasn’t until we started picking up litter and sweeping the paths that we never noticed the amount of rubbish that’s dropped on our street. It was a lovely hot day so we were excited to spend some time outside in the sun, we picked up our brooms, bin-bags and rubber gloves and got street cleaning! It didn’t take long before the bin bags got pretty heavy and it took us nearly an hour to do one side of the street – we all got quite obsessed with picking every little bit up and we even purchased an extra broom to help us do an even better job. Lots of people walking past us and standing outside their offices asked us what we were up to and were really happy to see us taking pride in the street; some even said they would like to get involved next time and help clean the street. Three bags of rubbish and nearly 2 hours later and we were done. Our street looked so much better and we were all really proud of ourselves – we even got ice cream to celebrate! A couple of hours later when we were going to get our lunches we were all really annoyed to see that there was rubbish and litter already lying around on the paths and street again. Whereas before we didn’t notice the litter and carried on walking, we now take more pride in our street and pick-up any rubbish we see. We definitely learnt a lot from the experience and it was a great team-building activity as well, so we encourage everyone to take part in the next #itsmystreet clean-ups! The next #itsmystreet clean-ups are Friday 4th August and Friday 6th October. If you want to get involved, just email: or or keep a look out for the #itsmystreet leaflets. For more information about All About Ipswich click here Vic, Emily, Shahed
Published 6th June 2017

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