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EVENT: Revival of Town & City Centres

Join our online conference as we assess the effects of COVID-19 on urban centres and explore the priorities for the future of Britain’s high streets.

Tues 13th April, 10:30-12:00
HOW: Live via Youtube
BOOKING: Click here to book

In conjunction with the Association of Town and City Centre Management (ATCM), we are bringing together a range of experts who will share their insights into what changes are underway, what can be done to minimise damage or disruption, and what opportunities this period may present.

Whether you believe that COVID-19 has created the change now underway in urban centres, or merely accelerated changes already underway, we all accept that our town and cities will never be the same again.

Disappearing retail brands, moves towards more home-working and a tendency amongst the public to avoid congested areas might be enough to convince us that we should ‘throw the towel in’. But don’t do so just yet. Using Ipswich as a typical case study, this webinar will hopefully convince you that the future might be different but, with careful and bold planning, it can be bright.
Ipswich is a large regional town centre and the county town of Suffolk. It has an immediate population of 135,000 and is 1-hour from London and Stansted Airport. Its new Vision is to become the UK’s first 15-minute town centre and hopes to use its Town Deal funding to kick-start revival. Its plans will be revealed in detail, together with what they will mean for businesses, residents and visitors.


Terry Baxter
Chair, Ipswich Central

Paul Clement
Chief Executive, Ipswich Central BID

Ojay McDonald
Chief Executive, ATCM

Paul Swinney
Director of Policy & Research, The Centre for Cities

Steve Walker
Director, Allies & Morrison

Minnie Moll
Chief Executive, The Design Council


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