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‘Street Security’ stronger in Ipswich

Ipswich Central Street Rangers have a new look, name and now offer an enhanced service, thanks to a collaboration with My Local Bobby (MLB).

Ipswich Street Rangers will now be known as the Street Security team, with a stronger focus on community safety in the town centre, taking a much more robust approach when dealing with anti-social behaviour and shoplifting.

A team of three dedicated Street Security staff will provide the bespoke security service, funded by Ipswich Central, to strengthen public realm security, by working in collaboration with Police Officers and local authority.

Sophie Alexander-Parker, Chief Operating Officer at Ipswich Central, said: “Community safety has and will always be a key priority for Ipswich Central and we know that our patrols in Ipswich are a deterrent for criminals and offer reassurance for shoppers and visitors.”

Introducing the knowledge and training of My Local Bobby will further enhance that feeling of safety in and around Ipswich town centre, learning from the great work they already do in other urban areas of the UK. Street Security will be strengthened in Ipswich town centre thanks to this partnership.”

My Local Bobby CEO David McKelvey adds: “We are incredibly proud to be working with Ipswich Central to ‘Create a Safer Community’ and to ‘Eliminate the Fear of Crime’. Working in partnership, My Local Bobby has reduced crime and anti-social behaviour on every Beat that we operate and more importantly has made residents, business and the public feel safe.

“We intend to work closely with Ipswich Central, the retailers, Council and Police to achieve similar success locally. Our dedicated patrols are part of your community and there to support all. We operate a ‘Broken Windows’ strategy and will make Ipswich town centre a safe environment for all.”

Ipswich Central’s Street Security team will be the eyes and ears of the town centre, offering a welcoming and reassuring presence for the community and businesses, tackling anti-social behaviour, shoplifting plus issuing warnings with heavier penalties with the possibility of private prosecution by MLB.

Figures from MLB show that the team have a 100% conviction rate for private prosecutions in areas of the UK in which they operate since 2017, including many London boroughs and Romford in neighbouring county Essex.

The Street Security team regularly patrol from a base in the town centre and are easily contactable, plus able to respond quickly, thanks to a dedicated RadioLink providing direct communication with both town centre businesses and the Police.

Find out more about Ipswich Central’s Street Security team at and My Local Bobby at

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