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Summary of Prime Minister's May Update

What does the new STAY ALERT approach mean for Ipswich businesses?

The most significant shift is to 'work from home' if you can and only go into your place of work if you MUST.

Regulations for visiting parks and green spaces continue however the public are now permitted to sun bathe and visit these spaces more often. Social distancing and household members ONLY rules still apply.

Full summary of the latest measures below:

Step 1 - work and exercise

  • Anyone who CAN work from home should continue to work from home.
  • Anyone who CANNOT work from home should be actively encouraged to return to work. Workers should travel to work by car, foot or bicycle; ONLY using pubic transport if absolutely necessary whilst carry out social distancing.
  • From Wednesday 13th May, the public may take unlimited outdoor exercise however they MUST continue to only go out with members of their household OR meet one individual outside of their household whilst remaining social distant.
  • The furlough scheme (Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme) has now been extended to October 2020.

Step 2 - phased reopening of schools and shops

  • Primary schools may reopen from June 1st, depending on the Government's five-point conditional plan. Reopening will introduce students gradually starting with
  • Secondary school publics who have exams in the next school year, may get some time with teachers before the 2020 summer holiday begins.
  • A similar phased reopening plan for shops is being developing by Government.

Step 3 - phased reopening of hospitality businesses

  • From July, the Government hope to reopen some hospitality businesses. It is likely that the first batch of businesses that will be able to reopen will be those with outdoor areas and ONLY their outdoor areas; for example, a pub with a beer garden will be able to open their beer garden ONLY.

Five-point conditional plan

    1. Protect our NHS.

    2. See sustained falls in the death rate.

    3. See sustained and considerable falls in the rate of infection.

    4. Provide enough PPE to the people who need it.

    5. Ensure any measures do not increase the reproduction (R) rate of the disease.

    Five alert levels

    1 = Coronavirus is no longer present in UK.
    4 (current UK level)
    5 = Most critical level with the NHS overwhelmed.

    The current steps are aiming to move the UK from Level 4 down to Level 3. The entire country MUST follow the advice to continue to help reduce the R rate of the disease.

    The Government will be monitoring the public's progress locally, regionally and nationally and will not hesitate to put on breaks if the new steps do not work and the R rate of the disease increases.

    We are carefully monitoring the latest advice from the Government however the guidance is changing on a daily basis.

    This page was last updated on 13th May 2020.

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