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Ipswich smokers encouraged to use bins rather than the floor

9th March 2018 Ipswich town centre could have less cigarette butts dropped on the streets thanks to the installation of new ballot bins by Ipswich Central. The bins, produced by environmental charity Hubbub, provide a fun ashtray by encouraging smokers to answer a particular question by popping their butt into one of the two slots under the fun, or provocative, poll. “We walked around the town centre to look for five key areas with a high drop-rate of butts, and purchased bins for these locations. We know that these bins have been associated with a 46% drop in litter in other locations and hope to see the same in Ipswich” said Sophie Alexander, Ipswich BID Manager. The bins will be unveiled on Friday 9th March as part of Ipswich Central’s fifth #itsmystreet business clean-up, where businesses come together to help Ipswich Borough Council to keep the town centre clean and tidy for residents, shoppers and visitors.

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