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Our proposal to the Ipswich Investment Fund

As part of our work to create a Heritage Action Zone in the town centre, Ipswich Central has submitted a proposal to Suffolk County Council’s ‘Ipswich Investment Fund’.

Our proposal includes seven projects that would develop the Heritage Action Zone that spans from the top of St Nicholas Street to Stoke Bridge, encompassing St Peter’s Street, Blackfriars, St Peter’s by the Waterfront Church, and St Peter’s Dock.

The proposed projects are:

1 - Transforming Stoke Bridge into ‘Wolsey’s Bridge’ and utilising digital technology to provide a glimpse into the waterfront’s industrial heritage

2- Creating a Tudor-style garden in the land surrounding the St Peter’s Dock silo; connecting the area to its roots as the original gateway into the town

3 - Boosting the already established Wolsey 550 project; with further investment in developing local skills, career opportunities, and aspirations for young people

4 & 5 - Adjusting the access to Cromwell Sq Car Park and pedestrianising the northern section of St Nicholas Street. This would enable safer walking and cycling through ‘The Saints’ area of Ipswich and protect the heritage assets of the streets.

6 - To transform St Nicholas Centre, the site where the young Thomas Wolsey is believed to be christened, into a Heritage Centre with conference space and community complex.

7- To adjust the traffic flow surrounding St Peter’s by the Waterfront church that continues to divide the town centre and waterfront, and threatens a number of Ipswich’s vital heritage assets.

Together, these projects also work towards Ipswich Central’s ambition for a better Connected Town centre; creating better travel options, more greener spaces, and more community spaces.

Download our full proposal.

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