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A digital future for Ipswich?

One of the Town Deal projects for Ipswich is to create a Digital Town Centre. But what does that mean?

Creating a well-connected digital town centre will benefit all communities in Ipswich; connecting business, consumers, visitors and residents like never before by providing simple and accessible information for visitors to the town centre and using technology to enhance experience. Key elements of a Digital Town Centre for Ipswich include:

  • FREE public wifi and 5G technology.
  • Using virtual and augmented realist (VR and AR) to create digital trails throughout the town centre that celebrate Ipswich's history, culture and people.
  • Loyalty and gift card schemes that boost the experience of high street and independent shopping.
  • A centralised platform that has everything a visitor needs to know when visiting the town centre; from available car parking and itinerary ideas to event, restaurant, theatre, travel and hotel booking.
  • Installing digital screens throughout the town centre a visitor information points.
  • Creating a network of safe spaces for young and vulnerable people to get support, including a Digital Hub at the University of Suffolk.

All of this will be easily accessible both at home and whilst in the town centre via mobiles, computer and on the town centre digital screens; making Ipswich more connected, more accessible and better equipped to tackle the evolution of our high streets.

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