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The 'Connected Town' Consultation

The 'Connected Town': Have Your Say

In April of this year, the Ipswich Vision partners launched a new strategy for the future revival of the town centre and our district shopping parades. This renewed Vision aims for more people living in the town centre and, for those who do not, to make better use of their local centres.

This strategy will involve significant change and the purpose of this survey is for us to hear your views. To supplement this, the Vision partners also plan to conduct telephone research of local residents, to facilitate a number of focus groups, to capture the views of town centre businesses and to hold a presentation of the plans in the Town Hall.

The aim of this short survey is to ask you what would encourage more people to live in or to make better use of the town centre and the district parades. Before starting you might like to understand more about the ‘Connected Town’ concept by reading:

Turning Our Town Around (Vision for Ipswich)

The Connected Waterfront Town

The Connected Town: Have Your Say

The consultation period will end at 5pm on Monday 5th July, following which all feedback will be collated and included in a Connected Town Delivery Plan to be published in September 2021.

UPDATE 05/07/21: the consultation has now ended.

In total, over 2,000 local people have taken part and provided us with invaluable insights. The full results will be made available in early September alongside a detailed delivery plan. Thank you to everyone who has taken part; your contribution will now help to shape the future of our town centre and district shopping parades.

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