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Take Us To Tier 1

Over the next 16 days, Ipswich Central will be encouraging businesses and shoppers in Ipswich to follow the guidelines to help move Suffolk from Tier 2 into Tier 1.

Ipswich Central, the Business Improvement District (BID) for Ipswich, is calling upon local businesses and the general public to support getting Suffolk to number 1 this Christmas, in a bid to move from COVID Tier 2 to Tier 1 in time for the festive period.

The recent unveiling of the government’s COVID grading saw Suffolk being placed into tier 2, despite the area having one of the UK’s lowest infection rates. However the next 16 days are crucial for the county to stand any chance of moving into the favourable tier 1 and reap the rewards this could bring local people and the economy.

Many businesses, especially those in the hospitality industry, who have been hit hard by the global pandemic would benefit greatly if the county moves to the top spot of government tiers. Although tier 1 is still deemed as a medium alert it would make a vast difference, allowing for all businesses and venues to open and operate closer to usual, with pubs and restaurants following a 10pm curfew. Indoor and outdoor socialising also becomes a possibility.

Chair of Ipswich Central, Terry Baxter comments: “The next 16 days are crucial if we are to stand any chance of moving up a tier. Suffolk marginally missed out from a tier 1 rating, therefore we are urging businesses and the general public to unite to work together and do everything possible to get to the top spot.”

Throughout December, Ipswich Central will be promoting the local high street and small businesses, along with encouraging visitors to the town to follow the social distancing guidance to help keep the infection rate in Ipswich low.

Mr Baxter continues: “The resilience and determination by local businesses to adapt and continue to operate under such difficult circumstances has been outstanding. Over the next 16 days we will be sharing local business updates and stories on our social media channels, showing that together we can all play a part in staying safe, working safe and supporting the local economy.”

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