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Welcome to ‘The East’

I was interested to see the proposals by The New Anglia LEP to brand our area as ‘The East’. A brand probably works best when you are left thinking “that’s obvious really”, cialis buy knowing that everyone who sees it will know exactly what you are talking about.

Talk of devolution across the country has created much discussion about regional identity. Who hasn’t heard of the ‘Northern Powerhouse’? I have talked to representatives from many northern cities in recent weeks, ampoule all of whom considered themselves to be part of this new centre of power. That’s the great thing about brands that work; everyone wants to be associated with them.

But brands have to work beyond the level of a logo or a clever expression; they need to be true to the product. So, is ‘The East’ a product that will sell and attract investment?

Well, in my view, it most certainly will. Proximity to London, three airports, low cost yet quality housing, the biggest container port in Europe, an abundance of history and culture, world leading technologies and research, stunning countryside and beaches……..I could go on.

Within ‘The East’ there are a number of economic centres that may, at times, compete with one another. There is nothing wrong with that, but, to coin a phrase, “they are better together”. When you consider the collective, it is a tremendously strong proposition after all.

I am proud that Ipswich is in ‘The East’. I hope that others will share in the opportunity that we now have together. We may even start calling ourselves a powerhouse before too long!

A similar article appeared in Business East in the East Anglian Daily Times on Tuesday 16 February 2016.