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Vision Board awarded £50,000 to regenerate part of the waterfront

Ipswich Central, viagra usa on behalf of the Ipswich Vision Board, medic has been awarded £50, symptoms 000 to regenerate part of the town’s waterfront.

The money, which has been awarded by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) from its Coastal Revival Fund, will be invested in a feasibility study in to how the area between Stoke Bridge and DanceEast can be revamped in order to make it a more attractive entrance to the waterfront.

Terry Baxter, Chairman of Ipswich Central said: “I think you can tell from the fact the DCLG has invested their money in this way, that they share our view that it’s a key area of development for our town centre and it is a major step towards putting the pieces in the jigsaw to create a better waterfront for Ipswich.

“We are very grateful for this £50,000 from the DCLG and it will help ensure the Vision plan takes another step towards completing its aims.”

Following the announcement, Prime Minister David Cameron said: “Britain’s coastline is part of what makes us one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Our coastal towns are cherished not just by the people who live within them but by the nation as a whole. The value of our tourism industry also means they are playing a crucial role in the UK’s continuing economic recovery.

“That’s why I am proud to lead a government which is absolutely committed to supporting and reviving our coastal communities.

“With a total £3 million pledged for coastal projects today, it is clear we have an optimistic and ambitious approach to Britain’s seaside towns. We are providing a catalyst for further investment and securing treasured community assets for generations to come.”

The news comes after yesterday’s coverage of UK Regeneration Chief Executive Jackie Sadek’s visit to the town where she said that, in Whitehall, Ipswich is seen as an exemplar of urban regeneration through localism. The government adviser to Greg Clark MP, the Secretary of State for DCLG, said Ipswich was hot, hot, hot.