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The development of Ipswich Waterfront over the last decade has been one of the most successful brownfield regeneration stories in the UK. Elsewhere in the town centre new development has been far more limited. This has been attributed to the availability of too many rather than too few development opportunities and the pursuit of traditional covered mall shopping centre development which may now be seen to be an outmoded approach. Ipswich Central, Ipswich Borough Council and Suffolk County Council have adopted a Vision for the future direction of the town centre combining the Waterfront and the existing town centre by enhancing the north south linkages between the two zones. To this end Ipswich Central has undertaken a review of development and investment opportunities in the central area and suggested appropriate and alternative uses for each. This report summarises the findings and is intended to generate consultation.

Download our ‘Focussing Future Investment‘ document here



Located at the extreme western limit of the shopping area this hoarded up 3 acre site used to house the 15 storey Civic Centre complex. Following demolition only the underground car park remains in use. Planning permission has been granted for over 10,000 sq m of shopping but no occupiers have been prepared to commit ahead of construction. Adjoining buildings occupied by the Courts and Constabulary are being vacated and could form part of a larger site. Given the ‘off pitch’ retail location, this site may also provide an opportunity for a comprehensive in town residential redevelopment extending Southwards.



Princes Street Office Corridor

Princes Street forms an important north–south route into the town centre from Ipswich Station located on the south bank of the river. For half a century it has been dominated by large corporate office blocks notably the world famous black glass Willis ‘Piano’ building. Many of the buildings are of dated 1960s design and construction and are now in advanced stages of disrepair. Ipswich Borough Council owns many of the plots and thus there is an opportunity to comprehensively regenerate this important gateway area with high quality offices combined with shop, café or other active ground floor frontages.