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Show your support for Ipswich Central

By Paul Clement

As Ipswich Central heads towards it’s second renewal ballot this October, we are out and about more than ever talking to as many of our business members as possible to remind them of how important our work is and what it has helped to achieve.

We were instrumental in introducing the Vision to Ipswich. Together with the Chamber we have helped implement the early stages of the Vision plans. Without the Vision there would still be no partnership approach to driving forward investment and development in the town centre. Together, the Vision Board is making brave decisions that are allowing the changes that the town centre has needed for so long.

Ipswich Central also provides a huge number of additional services that businesses have come to expect. For example, there are the Street Rangers, the additional cleaning of grot spots, campaigns to raise awareness of the fantastic offer we have in the town, on-line promotions of Ipswich as a place to come… I could go on and on.

Ipswich is now rapidly becoming a better place. You can see it in terms of the amount of new construction and the scale of new investment. Ipswich Central has been one of the catalysts of change.

We will shortly be issuing our business plan for the next five years, constructed entirely from feedback of 625 centrally based businesses who, clearly, want to continue to play a key part in the future direction of their town centre and are determined not to see it go backwards.

And then we will be asking businesses to support us again so that we can keep focussed on ensuring that the town now builds on the foundations that we have helped put in place. There has never been a more important time for this town. Now is not the time to take our foot off the accelerator.

It is all or nothing. If Ipswich Central is returned for a further term, the progress continues. If it isn’t, everything that we do will disappear.

That is why we will be asking businesses to show the strongest sign of support that they can – both for us and for their town centre.