Following business feedback, Ipswich Central’s third term will continue with these services and look to enhance them, creating an even better place for local businesses to operate, grow and thrive.

Street Rangers

The Police Accredited Street Rangers have become an integral part of the town centre and have been on the streets for 37,000 hours over the last BID term, and recovered over £66,000 worth of goods for traders. Their increased training in dementia
awareness, first aid, customer service, conflict resolution and the history of the town is greatly valued by businesses.

Ipswich Cleaning


Cleaning is an extremely important service to local businesses, and during the last BID term over £34,000 has been spent on additional cleaning of over 350 grot spots.
Future: Commit to a #CleanIpswich campaign, building on the success of the #ItsMyStreet campaign in 2016.


Dedicated Brand

Over the last year, over 250,000 visitors have explored the All About Ipswich website to find out more about things to see and do in the town. The website is also used by Ipswich’s DMO (Destination Marketing Organisation) to market the town to visitors.
Future: Refresh and redesign the brand to showcase Ipswich as a destination and as a Gateway to Suffolk.


Business Communications

Regular business emails are sent to each business each year and printed newsletters are distributed by post and by hand. In addition, we arrange regular drop-in events for businesses to meet members of our team.

Our next Meet the Team dates is:

April 18th from 8.30am to 10am, Isaacs on the Quay

Our next Supper Club is:

Thursday 10th May, from 6pm at The Last Anchor

Future: Develop business communications to include and engage all those in the BID zone, including smaller, independent businesses that fall below the member threshold.

Exclusion Scheme

Over 200 exclusion notices banning people from the town centre have been handed out over the last five years following 2,000 warnings.
Future: Explore a single online platform for the day and night-time economy to manage their own banning scheme data.


Taxi Marshals

Over the last two years over 150,000 people have returned home safely from a night out in the town centre following help from the Taxi Marshals. Part-funded by Ipswich Central, Ipswich Borough Council and Police Crime Commissioner, Taxi Marshals are out at the Old Cattle Market bus station every Friday and Saturday nights from 1130pm to 4.30am, with additional cover at Bank Holidays.

Future: Continue to raise awareness of the availability of Taxi Marshals in the town centre and help promote Ipswich as a safe night out.

Night-Time Economy

Night-time economy venues have been supported through the RadioLink system as well as benefiting from inclusion in marketing campaigns such as Food and Drink Forknight and Christmas promotions.

Ipswich was first awarded Purple Flag status in July 2012. An Ipswich day-to-nighttime economy partnership has been formed to look at taking forward a proactive and comprehensive programme of work to further enhance the offer of Ipswich’s evening economy.

Future: Build on the reporting system already used by Rangers, providing an online reporting and communications system for Barwatch members.

Click and Collect

A new click and collect website was launched to raise awareness of the products available in Ipswich town centre from national and independent businesses, encouraging shoppers to reserve
their items to collect when convenient.
Future: Building on the success of the click and collect service, Ipswich Central will work with partners to extend its multi-channel marketing to transform Ipswich into a leading digital town


Keeping Together

20,000 wristbands have been issued throughout the town centre in the last year alone, ensuring that Ipswich remains a safe place to bring the family.
Future: Increase the number of location pick up points for Keeping Together wristbands throughout the town centre and surrounding areas.



145 radios are currently in use throughout the BID zone and, on average, these are used by businesses 83 times each week to contact Street Rangers, the Police and CCTV.
Future: Commit to enhancing the value of the radio by offering an enhanced ‘Safer Ipswich’ package for retailers and the night time economy




We are calling on more businesses and residents to join in and be proud of their environment!

How many times have we all stepped on a crisp packet and complained that the streets in Ipswich town centre are not clean? And how many times have we picked that crisp packet up to put it in the bin to help keep the town clean? Keeping the town centre tidy is everyone’s responsibility and Ipswich Central want to encourage town centre businesses to share the responsibility for the cleanliness of local streets. We want people to enjoy their town, be proud of it, and to think twice about their effect on their own environment.

The forthcoming dates for these events are:

  • 11th May 2018
  • 13th July
  • 14th September
  • 9th November

The equipment we recommend to use are;

  • Litter Pickers
  • Brooms
  • Bin Bags
  • Gloves
  • Any other general cleaning equipment

Tag us in any social media either using @IpsCentral on twitter, #itsmystreet or @centralIpswich on Facebook and we’ll share your posts!

ABP (Associated British Ports) works in association with this campaign and incorporate their ‘Tidy Friday’ initiative alongside it. Paul Ager, Manager of ABP says “Associated British Ports are delighted to be leading the Waterfront Tidy Up’s in conjunction with Ipswich Central, with participation from many businesses within the local vicinity. Being actively involved with so many people in/around the Waterfront area is a real positive for us all.” Sophie Alexander, Operations Manager of Ipswich Central said “It is important for everyone to take pride in the place they work and live, #itsmystreet encourages everyone to take responsibility for keeping their space clean and the Ipswich Central team will continue to push the importance of everyone working together.”

Our #itsmystreet has been running since May 2016, is to change perceptions of the town and waterfront areas to create a sense of pride in looking after their town centre. It is important for us all to keep our area clean and tidy as it will be more inviting for visitors and residents.