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Get involved in creating regional snapshot of the tourism sector

All businesses in the tourism and leisure sector including restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions as well as retailers in the tourism hotspots are being encouraged to participate in the independent survey in partnership with Visit Suffolk, Visit Essex and Visit Norfolk. Participants have a unique opportunity to fill in the questionnaire and gauge their achievements. They can also receive a tailored report which analyses their yearly performance and gives them a valuable benchmarking planning tool. Those who fill in the survey remain anonymous in the published report, which provides an annual snapshot of the tourism and leisure sector across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. Historically, the survey forecasts have been extremely accurate – the statistics compiled are used by tourism organisations and decision makers such as Visit East Anglia. The final report is also sent to all MPs across the region to help inform their decisions about the regional tourist economy. Chris Scargill, Larking Gowen’s Tourism & Leisure Partner, said “There is a lot of good anecdotal evidence in the tourist sector but this survey provides an opportunity to mark the current trends with a series of valuable statistics. The survey highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the industry as well as its economic benefits to the region. It is not only an important awareness tool used by key decision makers, tourism organisations and government both local and national, but it can also support participants to create tailored business development plans and provides a benchmarking tool to see how they compare year on year.”

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