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National Spring Clean Week

24th March 2015

by Sophie Alexander

As 16-23 March was #nationalspringcleanweek Ipswich Central decided to take the opportunity to raise the profile of cleaning in town centres as well as in the home.

The Ipswich Central Street Ranger team worked closely with businesses to deep clean areas prone to rubbish gathering.

Mcdonalds and Superdrug were amongst the businesses who rolled up their sleeves and assisted Ipswich Central and Ipswich Borough Council in their additional cleaning duties during the clean up week. Together they have cleared rubbish and cleaned up areas that would have otherwise been left – for example privately owned land that is not locally managed. 57 bags of general rubbish was cleared. This is on top of the daily work carried out by Ipswich Borough Council and targeted cleans by Ipswich Central. It is important we all take responsibility for Ipswich Town Centre – our town centre and help make it a better place.

The old broken windows theory rings true – if we leave a place to look unclean and untidy it rapidly attracts more ‘disrespect’, therefore it makes sense if we all take a little more pride and ownership in our surroundings then it will make it better.

Here is a useful number – for graffiti removal or general rubbish collection:

Cleaning Hotline: 01473 433000

Or visit this website