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Long live our town centres

When the latest report into the state of our town centres and high streets was released by Deloitte recently, I have to admit that I hardly dare read the headlines, let alone the report itself.

“Here we go again” I thought “another bunch of pessimists suggesting that town centres are dead and buried, meaning that the entire population is now sitting at home shopping on the internet or in their car on a motorway heading to an out-of-town retail park.”

I looked at my mobile to see if I had, as yet, missed the inevitable call from the media asking me to explain myself. “How can you possibly be so deluded as to think that there is any point in even having a town centre in places like Ipswich?”

This is all getting very dull and predictable. Oh, for the return of the optimists.

With bravery restored, I not only read the headlines but delved deeper into the report itself. Its conclusion was…….wait for it…… ‘The high street is recovering, occupancy rates are increasing, and the pressure is now on out-of-town centres and the internet.’

“Sorry, run that by me one more time……”

It was true. Finally a leading accountancy practice has found that those predicting the end were wrong and that, as our country emerges out of recession, we, in turn, emerge from our ‘bunker down’ mentality.

“And where do we go to start spending our money, take up work, start educational courses, or enjoy our leisure time?”

Not out-of-town or on the internet to any great extent it seems!

Long live our town centres, they are alive again it seems. Well………at least until the next economic pressure point when the sons and daughters of today’s pessimists will start the arguments all over again.

Meantime, let’s prove them wrong and Deloitte right. Please continue to support your town centre this year.