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Lockdown in Ipswich FAQs

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Due to a local outbreak of COVID-19, [Suffolk County Council/ Public Health England/ The Government] have placed Ipswich into a localised lockdown. This means that the following lockdown measures are in place in the Ipswich area:

What areas of Ipswich are affected by the localised lockdown?

The lockdown applies to the main town centre and waterfront areas, the map below indicates the lockdown boundary: [MAP]

Can I leave my house?

You should stay at home as much as possible and you should only leave to access essential supplies such as food or medicine, for exercise or for work if you cannot work from home.

Can I travel into Ipswich?

Only essential travel is allowed. For example to access essential supplies or work work if you cannot work from home.

What shops and businesses in Ipswich will be open and closed?

Only essential shops (those selling groceries, household goods etc) and essential services (such as banks, pharmacies etc) will remain open throughout the local lockdown.
Non-essential shops along with leisure, tourism and hospitality businesses will need to close their premises to the public however can offer delivery services.
Businesses that are closing their premises should follow the security guidance from Suffolk Police: Security Self Assessment

How does this affect schools, colleges and the university?

Schools will only remain open for children of key workers and children who are considered vulnerable. Other children will be expected to remain at home. There are no changes to the arrangements for colleges and universities.

Can I furlough my staff?

Only staff members who previously been on furlough can be put on furlough for a second period of time.

Please check the latest Government guidance on the furlough scheme: Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

When will the lockdown be lifted?

[Suffolk County Council/ Public Health England/ The Government] will be reviewing the lockdown of Ipswich on DAY DATE MONTH. If their data shows that the local outbreak of COVID-19 is under control, they will lift the lockdown and measures will return to the Government's national measures.

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