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Keeping Ipswich clean is everyone’s responsibility

How many times have we all stepped on a crisp packet and complained that the streets in Ipswich town centre are not clean? Now how many times have we picked that crisp packet up and popped it in the bin to help keep the town clean?

Keeping the town centre tidy is everyone’s responsibility and Ipswich Central, cialis the Business Improvement District (BID) company for the town centre, medstore has launched a campaign to encourage everyone to take responsibility for the cleanliness of local streets.

A number of town centre business have joined forces with Ipswich Central to launch the campaign and take responsibility for the areas outside their office or store.

Sophie Alexander, Operations Manager at Ipswich Central, said: “The response from local businesses has been fantastic and the support for the campaign is already growing.

“#ItsMyStreet will give businesses a sense of ownership over the area they work in and we’ll be encouraging them to take responsibility for the street outside their office or shop.

“For small cleaning issues, such as an old newspaper blowing against their main entrance, we’re simply asking for businesses to help by popping it in the bin rather than ignoring it. For something more substantial, we ask that they report the issue so it can be dealt with by the relevant authority and ensure that the streets of our town centre are clean, tidy and welcoming.”

The powerful images which make up the campaign are simple yet effective and will be on show around the town centre from Monday 6 June. Business owners and managers are pictured outside their premises holding a board with their name, business name and the hashtag #ItsMyStreet. The hashtag will be used to allow conversations on social media about the cleanliness of the town and for people to show off the hard work being done to keep the streets clean.

Miss Alexander added: “The campaign isn’t all about businesses though. The use of social media will also enable those who work in the town centre and visitors to Ipswich to get involved in the conversation too. It’s the responsibility of everyone who comes in to the town centre to ensure their litter is put in a bin and not dropped on the floor so that the area is kept clean for everyone to enjoy.”

Businesses signed up to take part in the campaign so far include Willis Towers Watson, Bowmans, Debenhams, Marks and Spencer, La Tour Cycle Café, Paperchase, The Entertainer, The Rep, Just Essentials, Java and Boots.

Town centre businesses that would like to be involved in the campaign should contact the Ipswich Central team via for further details.