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Jan 2018

#ItsMyStreet Winter Clean-Up

Your Street, Everyone’s Street…

How many times have we all stepped on a crisp packet and complained that the streets in Ipswich town centre are not clean?
And how many times have we picked that crisp packet up to put it in the bin to help keep the town clean?
We’re calling on more businesses and residents to join-in to help keep the streets tidy and to be proud of their town!

The idea behind the scheme, which has been running since May 2016, is to encourage those living and working in the town centre and the waterfront to help keep the town clean and tidy. Not only to make your town a nicer place to live and work, but also help make visiting Ipswich a more pleasant experience for tourists and residents – and hopefully make them come again.

You only need to spend 30mins of your Friday morning sweeping or litter-picking. Why not have brunch with the team afterwards as a treat?

If you would like to be involved in our next clean up, please email, with your own name, company name and contact information along with any questions you may have.

The equipment we recommend to use are;

  • Litter Pickers
  • Brooms
  • Bin Bags
  • Gloves
  • Any other general cleaning equipment

Ipswich Central supports the #itsmystreet clean-up campaign in association with ABP (Associated British Ports) and in conjunction with their ‘Tidy Friday’ initiative.