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Ipswich On Film

15th July 2014

The recent X-Funded video released by us as part of the new ‘Ipswich Revealed’ marketing campaign has certainly created something of a conversation!

In the first 24 hours, stomach 1, find 500 people watched the film; 10 days later, the number of viewers had leapt over 15,000, and it continues to increase daily. We are expecting the number to increase at least ten-fold within the coming months.

The video starts by an arrival into Ipswich by boat and carries on to highlight much of the best that the town has to offer. It is aimed not solely at a local audience, to help remind us that our town is really rather special, but mainly to those from farther afield that, historically, may not have considered a visit here.

A very small minority have criticised the film for not being a true representation of the town. The response is simple – each and every one of the locations on the film is real and, yes, Ipswich can and does look that stunning to outside eyes.

The critics have said that it doesn’t show any vacant shops or street drinkers. But every place has its more negative aspects and Ipswich is no different – can you think of anywhere else that would priortise the not so good things in its own promotional video?

“Come to London, sorry about the crime; visit Birmingham, see the street drinkers”……….how ridiculous!

What this campaign is proving, even in its very first few days, is two things. Firstly, that some minority local perceptions about the town cannot be allowed to hold it back. Secondly, that consumer marketing has moved to engage people with places through things like video far more than they could in the days of printed brochures.

I suppose there is a third aspect too. Whether someone is in the majority that likes the film or the minority that questions it, they are talking about it. I can’t ever remember a campaign for Ipswich that has engaged people in this way and that is a good thing.