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A Partnership For Action

5th June 2014

This week has seen the launch of the new Greater Ipswich Partnership, anesthetist established to take action on the economic priorities for our county town.

The word ‘partnership’ has risked being overused and abused. If you had any problems at all, you set up a partnership to solve them. If you weren’t part of one partnership or another, people began to wonder what was wrong with you.

So, why a new partnership here in Ipswich?

The history is that the various partners have been working hard – but too often independently – to improve the economic prospects of our town. My organisation, Ipswich Central, has management responsibility for the town centre only; the Borough Council and the Ipswich Chamber go wider; the County Council covers the whole of Suffolk; and the Local Enterprise Partnership covers both Norfolk and Suffolk.

Ipswich remains the main economic driver for the County. To move it forward still further and to deal with the improvements most needed, requires imagination, ambition and cooperation. No single organisation can take on the priorities on their own as some of the answers lie with others. Yet, unless we all agree what those priorities are and work together to take the actions necessary, they may not get fixed or, if they do, solutions risk taking too long.

So, for the first time, all of these organisations have come together with a commitment to tackle the big issues, with a published list of the first nine action areas.

For example, new retail development; more and better shops; new business premises with increased employment opportunities; new marketing to businesses, employees and students; and, finishing the waterfront and better linking it to the rest of the town centre.

Not all of any place’s needs can be solved immediately, some will take longer then others. But, here in Ipswich, we are finally agreed on what must come first and we now have a partnership capable of taking the actions necessary.

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