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Get involved and Keep Ipswich Clean

By Helen Dodman

How many times have we complained that the streets of Ipswich are not clean enough? Several I imagine.

Now, how many time have we stepped on an empty crisp packet, old newspaper, or receipt in town, grumbled and done nothing about it? Several I imagine.

Ipswich Central will soon be launching a cleaning campaign that encourages people to get involved and take responsibility for the cleanliness of the town centre. The streets belong to us all so now is the time to step up and ensure they’re the sort of streets we want them to be.

#ItsMyStreet will launch on social media and on a number of posters around the town and will carry images of local business owners and employees stepping up to take responsibility with the hashtag #ItsMyStreet. These businesses have committed to looking after the town centre, picking up a tiny bit of rubbish where appropriate and reporting bigger problems when not.

The cleanliness of our high street is the responsibility of everyone who uses it so how it’s time to join together to keep Ipswich Clean.

If you’d like to get involved with the campaign, contact the team via