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Driving Digital Marketing

Ipswich Central, impotent Crafted and HTK have recently launched a series of business workshops called ‘Drive Digital’ aimed at up-skilling in all aspects of digital marketing.

As someone who uses social media infrequently and is fortunate enough to have other people with far more experience to handle websites and on-line, no rx I did think that, maybe, I wasn’t the best partner in this.

Having said that, am I so untypical? Maybe not…

My kids live their daily lives through smart devices, with everything they want available to them there and then. Friends snapchat after school (probably during school, if the truth be known); cinema is booked on-line; films and TV shows are downloaded instantly. I am constantly put ‘on hold’ as the latest facebook notification or tweet arrives.

Do I ever fall into the category of those who greet their phone before their partner first thing in the morning? I am ashamed to say that, sometimes, I do (not every morning, though, darling – I promise!).

I recently talked to a business colleague who went away for a week with his family, but without their phones, tablets or computers. I’m not sure we could do that. I did ask my kids if they fancied it. After first prioritising another message or tweet, they looked in horror as they threatened to disown me if ever I suggested it again.

The reality is that this is now the world in which we live, rather sad though that may be.

The overriding lesson given to businesses through ‘Drive Digital’ is “new technology is here to stay; your customers are using it; embrace it because your customers will love you for it and your business can prosper as a result”.

I am convinced that digital is not a threat to business; it is an exciting opportunity.

Anyway, enough said. I’m off out… Now where is my phone?