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Business East Monthly

24th March 2015

by Paul Clement

Working jointly with our colleagues at the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce and

the Suffolk Institute of Directors, viagra buy we have recently announced a special Question

Time for Ipswich. It will be an opportunity for the members of the organisations

to quiz the prospective parliamentary candidates for the town about the issues

that will matter to them in the life of the next parliament.

This fixed term parliament, with the certainty of an election day at its outset, has

meant that electioneering has already started, well ahead of the official campaign


Issues such as health, education and transport already feature. The economy

continues to be a priority issue – is this a recovery that is leading the way versus

is it a recovery for some, not others? Feelings on immigration run more strongly

this time than last.

But, the reason that we have helped organise the Question Time event is that the

wider town centre has emerged as something that the politicians have been

making early political capital out of. Sadly in my view, it has been seen as the

town centre being used as a ‘political football’ and, naturally, the attention has

been on the not-so-good things about it which, let’s be honest, exist in every

town centre up and down the country. It is not helpful to compare Ipswich with

Bury or any other location.

Question Time is an opportunity for the prospective MPs to convince the

business community that they believe in a strong town centre and that they have

a plan for it to be made stronger still. I hope that their attention starts to be

focused on what makes our own town centre special but what also needs to be

done to improve it further.

Question Time will be held at UCS on 23rd April, get your questions ready!

To book a space at the event, click here