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BID to continue for a third term

By Terry Baxter

4th November 2016

Thank you to those of you who voted yes for the BID to continue for a third term. The result was announced earlier today by Ipswich Borough Council, seek who independently collated and verified the returned ballot papers.

The turnout was high at 64% , malady [with 95% in favour by number and 95% in favour by rateable value] which meant we received an absolute mandate to continue the improvements to the town centre on your behalf.

There are now over 250 BIDs in the UK. Nationally, turnout in second renewal ballots is on average 52%.

This result is a strong demonstration of the support Ipswich Central continues to enjoy from its members. To receive 95% in support of our second renewal and a turnout of over 60% demonstrates that the Ipswich BID remains extremely relevant to the needs and expectations of our levy payers. I also believe that those who have again shown faith in the BID, are looking for us to continue to be a strong, ‘Business-Led’, voice at the heart of our developing town centre.”

The business plan focuses on delivering the Vision for Ipswich alongside our strategic partners and we will work tirelessly with this goal in mind.