As the management company which provides services within the defined geographical Business Improvement District Zone, Ipswich Central aims to help shape a strong and prosperous future for Ipswich town centre. It does this by delivering projects and services in key areas. The team always ensure that all projects are managed with the vision and values of the company in mind.

  • Place Shaping
    Ipswich Central knows that Ipswich has to stand apart from other locations and become known as East Anglia’s Waterfront Town
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  • Place Management
    To meet visitors and investors’ expectations by ensuring that the BID zone is cleaner, safer and more appealing.
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  • Place Marketing
    To encourage economic capital into the BID zone in the shape of new business, property development, visitors, employees and students.
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We commit to providing services and benefits that are of the highest possible standard through:

Being the best and striving to constantly improve

Being open, inclusive and being prepared to listen & understand

Having a forward-thinking attitude to get the job done

Being knowledgable, connected and always being in-touch with the place
If you believe the BID is not working to these principles, please let us know at info@centralmanagementltd.com. We further commit to acknowledge your correspondence within seven working days, at which time we will agree a timescale for any further action and keep you fully informed of the progress.
Investors In People principal brand mark 539

Investors in People is a management framework for high performance through people. This prestigious accreditation is recognised across the world as a mark of excellence. Ipswich Central was awarded Investors in People in June 2015.

The accreditation is gained through a rigorous and objective assessment to determine performance.