Friends of the Bid

Businesses within the BID zone who have a rateable value of over £15,000 automatically become a member of the BID, benefit from its services and receive a vote when it comes to whether to renew the BID in 2017.

However although businesses under £15,000 receive the halo benefits of the place marketing and place management schemes many like to support the BID and be more involved in the projects.

Therefore the Ipswich BID provides a Friends of the BID scheme which allows non-members to be more involved if they choose to be. The only difference is a Friend of the BID won’t have voting rights in any formal ballot.

If you are interested in joining please read this or give us a call – we would love to come and chat to you.

Place Marketing Benefits

  • Inclusion and in It will give you your own log in and update your own channels, as well as business listings.
  • Ability to promote offers and treats at no cost to you via Ipswich’s loyalty scheme – reaching our ever-growing audience – Over 21,000 people.
  • Inclusion in seasonal marketing campaigns, such as a summer celebration of Ipswich and Christmas.
  • Involvement in PR activity throughout Ipswich and the surrounding area.
  • Participating in social media campaigns.
  • Invitations to take part in regular town centre activities.

Place Management Benefits

  • Discounted Radio Link subscriptions and packages – contributing to a saferand connected town centre.
  • Radio Link enables access to our crime database system which tackles anti-social and criminal behaviour.
  • An allocated Street Ranger for your business.
  • Additional targeted cleaning and streetscape improvements.
  • Access to Street Services – which includes maintenance of town centre(for example refreshing paint on benches).
  • Inclusion in scheme to keep children safe.

Additional Membership Benefits

  • Invitation to town centre forums.
  • Ability to participate in strategic working groups.
  • Receipt of regular updates of town centre news and advice.